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Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by ohiotom76, Oct 28, 2012.

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    I used to run campaigns on's own pay per click platform years ago until it fizzled out. More recently I heard they were replaced by a company called Sendori which basically captures search traffic from people who accidentally type search queries in their address bar (probably via some type of malware/adware).

    Funny thing is, that then began buying ads on Google AdWords linking back to it's own search results for the given query on They are basically paying to get people to come to their search engine, because hardly anyone uses it directly.

    Aside from it being sort of pathetic, others have pointed out that this is actually against Google's AdWords policies. Specifically, they don't allow click arbitrage with ads - where you buy an ad that takes a user to another landing page full of ads. Yet that is more or less what has been doing. For some reason, Google seems to continue to allow this to happen, and has been doing so for several years now. It may have something to do with their account history as well as their amount of monthly spend. But it is a bit of a double standard for other advertisers nonetheless.
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    I didnt realize that it was agaisnt Googles T&C, I'm always searching into google and the sponsored links or top links will redirect you to ASK.COM. I guess ASK.COM must not be getting as much traffic as it use to, therefore having to resort to stealing it from Google.

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