Complete Guide: How to Submit a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Console

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    Upon creating a website, there is one similar issues we need to take care of that is; how to list the site in google search engines.

    Some web designers who doesn’t know the nitty-gritty of search engines may think that, getting their website listed by either Google or other search engines requires payment. No! it is not so. You can show your website in a Google search without paying a dime, absolutely free. Your responsibility is getting Google to locate your website.

    In this guide I will walk you through on how to submit your sitemap to Google’s webmaster console.

    Google search console (Formerly Google Webmaster Tool) is a free tool that allows you to control your website from the search engine’s angle.

    Submitting a sitemap to a Google webmaster console is done using webmaster console tool.

    There are various websites that offer a free Sitemap generator. Take for instance Create your Google Sitemap Online - XML Sitemaps Generator for generating an XML Sitemap.

    After crawling to the website, fill in your website address and then click on the Start button.
    On your screen, it will display your website being scanned. Just hold on and let it finish.

    Once the scan is completed, you will have file, precisely an .XML file that you can publish to your website.

    Note: that XML file will not linked on your actual site. This particular sitemap is just for search engines navigating through your website instead, the search engine crawls the .XML file and it to assist then in getting your site indexed.

    Upon downloading the .xml file, you will like to publish it in your document root.

    By document root i mean a folder where the website files for your domain name are stored. Your primary domain is rooted in the public_html folder. So in other to upload your Sitemap, access your cPanel File Manager or use an FTP client.

    Nevertheless, make your sitemap available to Google by adding it to your robots.txt file and submitting it to webmaster Console.

    I hope it helps.
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    Wow nice, thank you for helpful info

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