CPMfun - the best ad network, paying better than Adsense

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by OliBoli, Aug 30, 2012.

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    But most sites depend on ratio. Even a place with thousands of impressions can easily get about 5 clicks to overshadow them. So it may certainly be among the best CPM out there. But no way in hell can they be better than any CPC.
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    I already tried cpmfun..
    I agree that it has so many problems ..
    It has a autoamtic popups and also it redirects to another site like and some other ad networks..
    I think it is not a best options. however you also give a try & see ..
    then leave your feedback
  3. Cynical

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    So when you click the adverts they then redirect you through so they make money from the click? Glad their crappy script rejected my site now.
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    Yes. Cpmfun shows popups even if you dont want to. Using them 3 months now. on my site.. APK DOWNLOADS
    Getting 0.20-0.40$ eCPM. Higher than what others pay.
    Now they have started displaying adult ads. You can see by yourself by visiting

    Payments: Recieved payment for one month. 2nd month is pending & 3rd month is running.
    Yes they pay. But i dont like popups, even if i disabled them.

    Thats my review for CPMFun. I hope this helps others.

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