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    Thousands of expired domain names drop and become available for new registration each day. The best expired domains that "drop" each day cannot be registered by hand or by using publically available software. To catch premium expired domains (stuff like you need to place a backorder request for it. AutoBackorder is a unique Windows based application that can save you lots of extra time by helping automate the process of submitting your daily domain backorder requests! Continue reading to see more about how this software works below.

    How Does it Work
    Running our software is actually pretty simple. There are currently over a half dozen supported companies to automatically submit your backorder domain requests into. Simply setup an account (if you haven't done so already) with each backorder outlet you wish to submit your requests into. Once that's done you just need to add the domains you wish to backorder (plus your API information) into the software and press Start! Your account details are automatically saved so whether you submit backorder requests daily, weekly, or monthly - all you will need to do is open AutoBackorder, add your desired domains, and then press Start!

    Common Questions
    Which registrars are supported? - Pheenix, NameJet, DynaDot, Hexonet,, DesktopCatcher and PRnator.
    Which extensions are supported? - This will be different from one place to another. However, most support popular gTLDs like COM/NET/ORG and a few support ccTLDs.
    Can/Should we submit the same domain into multiple outlets? - If you really want the domain then yes. You can submit the same domain into all places if you want. That would just have more places chasing after your desired domain, increasing your odds of success. The backorder outlets inside our software do not charge you unless they are successful in catching the domain name for you.
    What if multiple people backorder the same domain? - Some options ( & DesktopCatcher) do not allow multiple backorders on the same domain, so it's first come/first serve. Others will do auctions on successfully caught domains which have multiple backorder requests.

    Below is a main screenshot of the software. To see more screenshots visit the AutoBackorder Screenshots page.


    Important Links
    Our How It Works page.
    Our Customer Reviews page.
    Our Frequently Asked Questions page.
    Our Blog.
    Our Affiliate Program.

    Get your copy of AutoBackorder for only $29.99 and start automatically submitting your expired domain backorder requests tomorrow! Visit the AutoBackorder Download page to learn more.

    Forum members can enjoy a 10% discount on lifetime license purchases. Just use promotion code FORUMS during checkout!

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