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    Anytime a domain name is not renewed it becomes expired. Everyday thousands of expired domains "drop" and become available for new registration. Domain investors, small/large businesses, SEO experts, affiliate marketers and dozens of others around the world browse through these expired domains in the days before they "drop" and then try to acquire them for a variety of reasons including investment, development and quick flip purposes. DesktopCatcher is an easy-to-use Windows application that will help you find, analyze and attempt to instantly register your desired domains automatically!

    Who Can Use This Software?
    Business Owners - Does a company like Remax own just one real estate domain? Do you think HostGator registered only one hosting related domain? No! These companies likely have hundreds (if not thousands) of domains related to their industry and they get used for all sorts of things. Since most domains (even 3 and 4 word names) are now taken in major extensions it's made businesses turn more towards expired domains.
    SEO Experts - We all know links play a large role in terms of search engine optimization. Blog networks are what most in the SEO field use to build good quality incoming links these days and most blog networks are created with expired domains. Since people can scan, analyze and then register names that were previously developed it offers the added benefit of these domains already having some "authority" from the past owner.
    Domain Investors - Domainers buy and sell domain names on a regular basis and often have large domain portfolios. They're constantly browsing through expired domains to find names they can either buy and hold for future sale (invest) or sell quickly for a small profit (quick flip).
    Anyone Else - If you aren't already using expired domains to your advantage then you're surely missing out! If you see any need for registering domains on a regular basis then this software can help! Browse through domains that will be dropping in the coming days and analyze them to find the ones you want. Then, use DesktopCatcher to snatch them the second they drop!

    How Does it Work
    Although setting up the software is fairly simple, it may take more than just a few minutes the first time. All purchases include a copy of our eBook which explains how to set things up from start to finish! First, install the software and setup accounts at your desired domain registrars. Funds will then need to be per-deposited at the registrar(s) in order to cover registration fees. DesktopCatcher currently supports ten different registrars for you to choose from! Each registrar can send between 1 and 2 requests per second. The more registrars you setup, the more requests you'll be able to send each second and increase your odds of success! This software doesn't only drop catch expired domains, though. There is at least a half dozen other unique tools built to help you analyze domains for SEO metrics, availability and more!

    Common Questions
    Which domain registrars are supported? - DynaDot, NameSilo, OnlineNIC, RRPproxy, NameBay, MijnDomeinReseller, AJM.Domains,, Gandi and eNom.
    What type of domains can it catch? - DesktopCatcher can catch all types of domains in a variety of extensions. However, we don't recommend using it if you chase highly competitive domains such as one word .COM, four letter .COM and 5 number .COM domains.
    What extensions are supported? - Each registrar supports different extensions. Almost all support common gTLDs like COM/NET/ORG/BIZ, and many also support ccTLDs.

    Below is a screenshot of the main form. To see more screenshots visit the Screenshots page.

    Important Links
    Our How It Works page.
    Our Customer Reviews page.
    Our Frequently Asked Questions page.
    Our Blog.
    Our Affiliate Program.

    Get your copy of DesktopCatcher today and start chasing expired domain names tomorrow! There are two options available for download which you can read more about on the DesktopCatcher Download page.

    Forum members are part of what has helped make us become the most popular publicly available domain drop catching software on the market today. To show our appreciation we're offering forum members a 10% discount just by using the promotional code DOMAINFORUM during checkout!
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    Lots of updates since my last post. Have a look at the website!!

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