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    Hi everyone,

    I need creative people to find and post gift ideas onto a website (wordpress based), in the from of link, picture, unique title and description, price and category. That's pretty much it, each link you make will have your own unqiue affiliate tag in, once you've posted gifts onto the website you will earn consistently from those posts without having to do repeat work.

    I have guidelines and ideas for if you get stuck, think about gadgets you've seen online recently and weird and wacky things you could get people as a gift. This is the main premise however the gifts market is huge, different people like different things and so there is a never ending supply of gifts for you to add and places to look.

    The website will undergo a comprehensive campaign following up to Christmas and already has a social media following of 5500.

    You will get a percentage of the sale generated for each gift that you post on the website, the more you add the more you can make. Plus we'll even give you ideas of what is most likely to sell!

    If you are interested in learning more please contact me:
    PM me here
    Skype: o.neely
    Email: (preferred)
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    Hmm looks really interesting. I am much interested. Please PM me.

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