How much capital for a PPC campaign of relatively small scale

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by roythebuilder, Feb 18, 2013.

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    I'm interested in starting out my first PPC to CPA campaign but I don't know what kinds of costs I need to set aside. I understand I need to be able to buy enough traffic to do research in order to properly target everything, and then I need to be able to invest enough at a profit to make back my research money, but what does a campaign like this typically cost? I understand the cost is variable dependent on how long the research takes, but if you've done this regularly I'm curious to know if you've recognized trends.

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    I wouldn't start a proper PPC campaign unless you are willing to blow through about $300 bucks. You need to set high bids to see which keywords convert.

    Bid high, build up your CTR to get a good quality score and then you can cut the non performers, delete keywords and throttle bids. Be prepared to lose some money early on, but there is no other way. Spend money to see what works, then trim, cut and chop away on that keyword list to bring your ROI into positive.

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