How to Recover from Google Penguin, what is the penguin update

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    How to Recover from Google Penguin

    The Google Penguin algorithm was launched on April 24 2012 and caused a major ranking drop in Google for many websites. Did your site drop heavily around that time? If so, you may have been a victim of the Google Penguin algorithm. Below are some tips and guidelines you can follow to improve your site and recover from the massive drop you've experienced.

    First you need to make sure that Google did not manually penalize your site. So send a reconsideration request through the Webmaster Tools, and see if that is in fact what has happened to you. If you receive an answer from the Google Team saying that your site was not manually penalized it was probably hit by a Google algorithm.

    Unnatural Linking
    The Penguin algorithm focuses on spam. An unnatural backlinking strategy may have caused the drop. If you build your own backlinks through article marketing, guest blogging, etc., you have to make it look natural.

    So what does natural mean?
    A natural backlinking strategy is all about varying your anchor text. So do you constantly use the keyword and keyword phrase as your anchor text? If you do, this will not look natural but will instead look like a way of manipulating the search engines. Natural linking will include more anchor text phrases like "click here", "Read more", "Go to", "my site" and so on. This will then make it look like other people have created the links naturally. In the Webmaster Tools you can see what anchor text words have been used to link back to you. If a great amount of those anchor text words or phrases are keyword targeted, you should try to vary it a lot more in your future backlinks.

    Since the Penguin update focuses on spamming you should really think about your SEO tactics. Do you tend to spam a lot? Do you have Splogs (spam blogs) with the sole purpose of creating backlings to your main website instead of creating good and useful content? If so, you should delete those blogs and make sure that everything you do on your site and blogs is creating good and valuable content for the readers.

    Selling and Buying Links
    If you are buying or selling links you should end it immediately since Google does not approve of this. It is a way of controlling the search engines and will only hurt your site.

    If you work on these things you should be able to recover from the algorithm over time when your site improves and the new penguin updates are released.
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    it's really all about un natural link profiles, so a lot of people who were caning anchor text in blog networks got screwed! pretty easy to backlink your way out though.
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    yeah, you just have to backlink harder. I mean, you should put some effort into it.
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    A penguin is the most dangerous algorithm updates of google.. Many websites get badly affected by it.. Once it is affected recovery takes very long time.. Once my website was also affected by it.. But, thanks to this site .. It helped me a lot to recover my site..

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