Internal Linking SEO, How can Internal Linking Improves Your SEO

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    The Importance of Internal Linking For SEO

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    Off-page optimization receives most of the attention in the SEO industry. However, on-page optimization still plays a vital role in how well your website will rank in the search engines. One of the most overlooked aspects of on-page optimization is how your pages link together. Here are a few tips to help you improve your internal linking structure.

    Link Related Pages Together
    If you have several pages which cover a similar theme on your website, then it’s wise to link these together. By doing so, you can help to boost the rankings of these pages, as well as assist your visitors with finding further related information on the topic - without having to leave your website.

    Avoid Generic Internal Links
    The anchor text used to link your web pages together will help search engines to understand what the page is about. If you use generic labels too often, you are missing a chance to improve your on-page optimization. Try to use relevant anchor text when you link to any internal page. Consider which keyword your page is targeting, and link to it with that keyword phrase as the anchor text.

    Use Descriptive Phrases as Anchor Text
    Instead of using single keywords as internal links, it can be advantageous to use longer phrases. This can give your pages more anchor text variety, which gives a natural, organic appearance to your linking structure. Since the latest Google Panda changes, over-optimized anchor text has become a substantial problem for many webmasters. De-optimizing your anchor text can actually provide better results. Using longer keyword phrases as anchor text is a great way of doing this.

    Use Your Keywords in the Page URL
    A good place to include your keywords is within the URL of the page. Not only can this help a search engine understand the topic of the page, but the keywords will also show up in a bold font when the keyword is typed into a search engine, and your page is displayed. This can draw more attention to your site in the search listings, and increase your click through rate.

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    It’s easy to overlook internal linking when you're developing your website, yet it can make a noticeable difference in how well your pages rank in the search engines. Correct internal linking will make it easier for a search engine to understand what your pages are about. In the ever increasing competitiveness of the search results, any advantage at your disposal must be considered.

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    I agree with you. It is obvious that search engine will clearly understand a website when it is linked relatively. Thanks

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