Is Yahoo Dead?

Discussion in 'Yahoo' started by CityGirlLuv, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. TJenkins602 Member

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    I don't think Yahoo is dead. I see quite a few people using Yahoo for email and things other than search. However, it is not at its most active state as of right now.
  2. sidney Member

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    Yahoo is not dead at all, it may not be the popular choice for doing searches, but their messenger feature and Yahoo news are still quite popular nowadays. They have expanded too by adding Flickr, Yahoo She, etc. so I think that makes up for being the last choice as a search engine.
  3. Cynical

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    I don't think it's entirely true. DDG doesn't show results from Bing, but sometimes it does use it. At least that's what they say here: DuckDuckGo | Sources .
    Oh, but I don't want this response to be off-topic: Yahoo! is definitely not dead. They simply changed the way they do business and their business model itself. Good for them!
  4. Daring

    Hardison Member

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    So, this is the thread that inspired another thread. Yahoo isn't dead, but it's revamping itself.
  5. Angelic

    Drainbamaged Member

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    The only thing I personally like about Yahoo is the stories they write on their blog that you can find on the main page of I find them pretty amusing.
  6. Bored

    thenextGeek Member

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    True! Their stories are pretty amusing and weird. Not really something that you would expect from a big company such as Yahoo. However, that's not the only thing I like about them. I am pretty devoted to Yahoo! Mail since the interface is simple and its pretty easy to create many accounts for different kinds of things unlike Google+.
  7. Angelic

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    Yahoo has been dying for a while now, haven't seen anyone use it in years.
  8. Dead

    BrittanyX3 Member

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    For my search engine, I use google. For mail, Yahoo. Yahoo definintly has a better email service than google, in my opinion.

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