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    Anyone using Licorne AIO? I am using it since early version 1 Beta days, now that it has been improved with some really awesome stuff in version 2.0 and 3.0, I believe this software will be a big deal in 2013.

    It covers most aspects of usual SEO campaigns, from keyword analysis, rank tracking to complex link schemes (link pyramids, link trees) with help of diagram designer (like in UD or Senuke Xcr).

    LAIO can submit links and content to over 70 platforms. Social bookmarks, Wikis, video sites, forums, social media sites and so on. Licorne Cosmic is another feature that comes with it, it brings the ability to teach Licorne AIO to post to custom sites and platforms. Automation is done in 100% socket, I believe it's the first software on the market for wider public to offer just that.

    If anyone is using it and has custom list of sites to exchange, feel free to PM me. If anyone wants special discount that isn't offered anywhere but here, PM me also :) Licorne AIO

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