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    Hey, guys!

    We are proud to announce that in Summer 2017 our team had successfully launched a brand new Mac software. We took the time to learn from competitors’ mistakes, eliminate drawbacks and perfect our product. The team has already put the product to the test across various marketing channels. Today, we are achieving yet another milestone and launching our own affiliate program.

    We are now running private tests and looking to partner up with up to 100 webmasters who can supply continuous traffic to trial run the program.

    • high returns
    • precise tracking
    • supply of ad creatives according to your needs (including foreign languages creatives)
    • considerate personal manager
    • quick response to questions
    Application criteria:
    • you are a website owner and traffic seller
    • documented experience in selling CPI traffic
    All types of traffic (excluding browser extensions & add-ons traffic, motivated, bux & rev share traffic)
    United States (US), Canada (CA), Australia (AU), United Kingdom (UK), Belgium (BE), Greece (EL), Lithuania (LT), Portugal (PT), Bulgaria (BG), Spain (ES), Luxembourg (LU), Romania (RO), Czech Republic (CZ), France (FR), Hungary (HU), Slovenia (SI), Denmark (DK), Croatia (HR), Malta (MT), Slovakia (SK), Germany (DE), Italy (IT), Netherlands (NL), Finland (FI), Estonia (EE), Cyprus (CY), Austria (AT), Sweden (SE), Ireland (IE), Latvia (LV), Poland (PL)
    CPI based; flexible payment options

    Looking forward to working with you!

    Feel free to apply and send us your questions:
    telegram: @MacRevenue
    skype: MacRevenue

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