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Discussion in 'Links' started by SeanFace101, May 11, 2012.

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    I have just added a new "Affiliate" page to my Xbox Forum.
    I put on it spaces for either 100x100 banners or 88x31 banners.
    If anybody wants to do the banner exchange, the banners for my website are at the bottom of the affiliate page i made.
    If you want the 100x100 space, then just added our 100x100 banner to your website, forum or blog.
    Same goes for the 88x31 banner space, if you want it, just add our 88x31 banner to your website, forum or blog.

    My New Affiliate Page:

    Your website, forum or blog doesnt have to be xbox or gaming related.
    Either go onto the page and follow the intsructions there, or reply below & we can sort it.
    Thanks.... Sean!

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