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Discussion in 'Company Reviews' started by julu_hossain, Jun 5, 2015.

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    Hello Dear Members,

    I am managing this site currently: ( LedDesignLightingOnline.Eu ). As you can see this is a magento, multi store and lighting solution website. I know there are some works needed on homepage specially on "Best Seller Products" as well as on the slides but what else? Where are the rooms for improvement? We have a sitemap, favicon and user-friendly navigation system. But want to know what your hawk eyes see!
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    Under Search>Category, there are no categories listed. When clicking on Blog, it does not link to a blog. After adding to the Cart and beginning checkout, I could not find a way to get back to the Home page.
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    • Straightforward site - from viewing the main page, I could know in an instant that it's an eCommerce site selling lights.
    • Localisation - multiple languages makes it extremely easy for people from the EU to browse the site in their preferred language.
    • Currency - multiple currencies makes it easy for international customers to view prices of the products
    • Elaborate
      • there's detailed explanation on the light companies, pretty useful for amateurs like me who knows nothing about light companies
      • documentation and specifications of the lights are also quite detailed; provided max watts, volts, etc.
    Not so good
    • Site title - there isn't a site title, although this isn't a major issue, it looks weird for browser tabs and it isn't very friendly for web crawlers too.
    • Site speed - it doesn't load very quickly for me
    • Show how the difference between a room lighted with the light and a room without the light switched on (this is a lot of work and pretty tedious but it's a pretty good feature)
    • Make videos on your Youtube channel comparing different lights and give suggestions of when to use the specific light in the respective scenario
    Pretty great site, all the best for your business. :)
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