SEO Tips And Tricks

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    SEO Tips And Tricks

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) encompasses all the tricks and techniques one uses to organically improve the visibility of their website on related search results. SEO methods basically seek to catch the attention of the search engine’s web crawler, so that the page is indexed with a high page rank. There are several ways you could employ to catch the attention of the search engine, so to speak, while adhering to the regulations of search engines. Yes, there are rules and things you should and shouldn’t do. This article will hopefully educate you on some of those dos and don’ts and give you some SEO tips and tricks.

    Tricks of the Trade – The Do's

    Using SEO on your site would not only improve the performance of your site in searches, but will also enhance the visitor’s experience. The idea is to sensibly amend the necessary building blocks of the web page, in a way that would enhance its prominence in search results. White hat SEO involves the techniques that the search engines approve of.

    Good Content
    The first thing a Search Engine Optimizer should always keep in mind is to take into account the visitors of the site, whenever making optimization decisions. You want to attract visitors to go to your page if it coincides with their search. So your goal is to optimize your page so that the search results rank your page above others and the user finds your page satisfying. Wherever you look for SEO tips and tricks, they will always emphasize on the content.

    Tags and URLs
    Things like titles, URLs and tags that one might take for granted are actually what optimize your distinction in a search. The title should have keywords that are related to the page's content. How you word your URLs has a significant role in search results. It is not uncommon to see the whole or part of search keywords in the URLs. Those pages are given more visibility than others with unreadable or unrelated URLs.

    If you want the search engines to notice your site, you want to advertise as many links of your website on the internet as you can. But you have to keep in mind that the sites that do publicize your websites are not suspicious spam-infested sites, but genuine ones. You may promote your own website but too much of that is frowned upon.

    What you Should Stay Away from – The Don’ts

    Black hat SEO entails all the dubious and shady techniques that go against the rules of search engines. Though these may work for some time, have dire consequences like penalization. Here are some SEO tips and tricks that are strictly discouraged.

    Keyword Stuffing
    If you want long-term results to your SEO, you should steer clear of conning the search engine to rank your page higher than others by stuffing keywords repeatedly in your pages.

    Link Farming
    You should avoid link farming – that is when a group of sites reciprocate links among themselves without any outward interference to that ‘ring’. It is a shady practice that once detected causes penalties.

    For more SEO tips and tricks, you can look for the documents search engines provide on SEO. SEO may prove to be useful, but keep in mind that search engines are known to constantly update their search algorithm for a better, more efficient one. So, while it will likely upgrade the rank of your web page, unfortunately, there are no guarantees.
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    You must have given a lot of effort in preparing this. I must say that it is very informative and helpful.
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    i want to add that: following Google's policies in building links

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