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    Social Boost is a service which will allow you to exchange followers, get likes, views, traffic and much more, all in one place! By using Social Boost you are sure to get good exposure for your profiles, videos and pages. The more you like, view or follow others, the more likes, follows or views you get in return.

    How does it work?

    For each follow, like or view you will earn a point which is in accordance with the CPC mentioned by the owner of the page/video you are clicking on. With the points you have earned, you will be able to specify a CPC for your own pages. The more points you get, the more exposure you can get in return.

    • Supported exchanges include Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, G+ pages, Diggs and YouTube videos. We will look to expand further as time goes on.
    • For those who don’t want to spend their time viewing other pages, you can buy some points to get your site out there immediately.
    • If you have purchased VIP membership on WGBB, you are allowed to set the maximum CPC for your pages. This is currently 10 points.
    • If you’re an active member of the WGBB forums, you will eligible for a free coupon every six weeks. To get a coupon, simply ask a staff member! Guidelines for being an ‘active member’ will be released shortly.
    Why do you need this service?
    As social media becomes ever more important in SEO, traffic and user engagement, having a good amount of fans, likes or followers on your profiles is an added advantage. With the help of Social Boost, you can get ever closer to achieving those milestones.

    • As an introductory offer we are giving away 100 Free Coins for each new registrations. Please get them before time runs out!
    • PM the WebGuruBB staff to get More free coins!
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