What is the most easiest coding language to learn?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by dedica, Jun 14, 2016.

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    dedica New Member

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    I want to study programming, but do not know what language to start.
    Advise, please!
  2. salim2120 New Member

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    I'm an MCA graduate and i have learned many languages during the studies.

    From My Experience Every language have its on pros and cons, There is no such thing as easy learning every language needs dedication to master it.if you're looking for EASY learning and new to programming concept the best one is PYTHON. it is used for both Web and Application development. Coding is comparitevely easier than other languages.
    python tutorials available on youtube.In the mean time start coding... keep on coding .Thats the best way rather than reading or listening it.
  3. RH-Calvin Member

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    HTML and CSS are much more easier according to me.

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