What Is Whitehat SEO

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    What Is Whitehat SEO

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a steadily broadening business, where websites use various techniques to improve their rankings in search engines. There are various methods of SEO that are often broadly categorized as whitehat or blackhat, ones that a search engine may or may not approve of, respectively. Whitehats produce long lasting results whereas blackhats always have the lurking possibility of their inevitable prohibition or worse, removal. This article goes into detail about what is Whitehat SEO.

    What is Whitehat SEO
    Whitehat SEO, as stated before, refers to the ethical approach to SEO that is recommended by search engines. It is the strategy that focuses on what the audience of the website wants and adheres to the policies and regulations of the search engines. Whitehat SEO techniques, therefore, are known to consequentially produce websites that have appropriate and high-quality content and an organically optimized search engine rank. All this without having to resort to spamming, has only a positive effect on your site rankings, and does not compromise its integrity.

    Whitehat Techniques

    Previously, we discussed what is Whitehat SEO, now we move on to the techniques. Whitehat SEO encompasses search-engine-friendly methods that seamlessly work to keep your site audience happy with relevant, spam-free content, as its main emphasis is on the content itself. Whitehat strategies may take time to implement, but rest assured, the effort does not go to waste and produces long-term results.

    Content Optimization
    All this time I’ve been harping about how whitehat SEO is big on the quality of content, it’s high time I backed my claim. “Choose your words carefully” is not just an advice here, but a necessity. You need to make sure that the content in your website is worth more than a cursory glance. It should be unique, creative, appropriate and worth your audience’s time. Make sure you use some relevant keywords, too.

    Cross Linking Effectively
    Search engines have different algorithms according to which they index your page, based on factors like the popularity of your site. By popularity, I mean it checks the links of websites, and commonly, the more popular a site, the more links lead to it. There are more than a few ways of linking like internal linking and reciprocal linking. Linking a page of your website to other pages within your website is known as internal or inbound linking. A reciprocal link is a two-way link to ensure common traffic. Although it is very useful, cross linking has some restrictions. A link to the same site on every page would look dubious to a search engine. Also, you are advised against creating a ring of links – several sites cross linking each other and no other site. So being careless about cross linking may cost you a penalty from search engines.

    Restructuring Your Website and URL
    Although it may not seem like it, but doing trivial things like adding relevant search keywords to title tags or modifying URLs to be more human readable work wonders for your search ranking. Make it a point to use title tags and fill-in a set of well-researched keywords that accurately summarize the content of your page. Use original descriptions for every page. There is a lot more restructuring you can do to successfully optimize your organic page rank. Also, normalizing the URL using suitable keywords is an extremely effective way of search engine optimization.

    If you are looking to have your site rankings optimized, or doing it yourself, whitehat is definitely the way to go. This advice will just get you started. Now that you are familiar with what is whitehat SEO, you can look for Whitehat methods you can apply. Some search engines provide documentation you can look into for the dos and don’ts of SEO.
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