Win webmaster prizes worth $1000+ including Xenforo - $100 Envato - PR Distribution package and more

Discussion in 'Freebies' started by Mogoko, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Mogoko Member

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    Prize pack 1

    Total value - £225/$340

    Prize pack 2

    • Hybrid-Connect Wordpress premium plugin for newsletter optins (Very powerful software) -
    • WPSharely viral sharing plugin for Wordpress -
    • $100 to spend on Envato marketplaces*
    • Both plugins have multiple site licences.
    Total value - £170/$264

    Prize pack 3

    • PRPro Press release distribution package from
    • $100 to spend on Envato marketplaces *
    Total value - £400/$600

    Overall competition value - Just shy of £800 and well over $1000.

    For more information and to enter visit:
    YWB Web Business Competition - Youngwebbuilder

    Competition ends 18/05/2013
    For rules and terms visit the competition page.
  2. Artistic

    SenseiSteve Administrator

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    Those are great prize packs. Good luck with your competition! :)
  3. Cynical

    carbonize Active Member

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    Sure they will be good for some but I don't see anything worth winning. Xenforo is pretty rubbish as I have made clear before. As to mailing lists Dadamail has been my chosen method for years. As to WPSharely sounds like a gimmick to me and no more effective than good content.

    Would of expected some software to be in there such as a graphics program.

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