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Discussion in 'Yahoo' started by makeithappen, May 4, 2012.

  1. Stressed

    makeithappen Active Member

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    My mom keeps the Yahoo! News Portal as her homepage so that she can read the articles every time she turns on her computer. I check the portal every now and then and find a few interesting articles to read.

    What are your thoughts on their news portal?
  2. razelia Member

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    I don't regularly visit it, nor do I visit it directly. I just go to the specific pages that my friends read. It shows up in my Facebook feed when my friends read articles from Yahoo.
  3. Rancid Member

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    Never used it. I have other sources when it come to news, but yeah, I can understand why she likes it. Its a decent news portal.
  4. Raderyx Member

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    Yep. I always read the news posted on Yahoo. Sometimes, they post very interesting articles and it's fun to read them every time I am online. It also allows me to keep up to date with current news.
  5. harish Member

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    Well, my by default page is Yahoo News. I like to read news on Yahoo.
  6. sidney Member

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    I also like to read the news and entertainment articles from Yahoo, because they're very informative, and the articles are amusing, especially the comments of the readers, they're actually more interesting to read than the article itself.
  7. Bored

    thenextGeek Member

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    My homepage is Google but every time I check my Yahoo e-mail for messages, I always check out some articles first since I find them interesting. I must admit that despite Yahoo's downward trend, they managed to keep their news portal beaming with activity.
  8. Busy

    andy ramirez Member

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    That is something that I can try to, thanks for the awareness.

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